Sponsorship Opportunities

Ashton Wheeler Racing would like to extend the offer for your company to become a part of the fast paced excitement of the motorsports market.  Take a look at our Sponsorship Overview if you’d like an in depth look at racing and check out the Sponsorship Benefits Ashton Wheeler Racing can provide.

We are willing to discuss any level of financial involvement with potential sponsors. Opportunities exist for large or small commitments on a short or long-term basis. Every effort will be expended to give your company optimum return on investment.  The following chart outlines the different levels of sponsorship for Ashton Wheeler Racing.


Sponsorship Overview

Today’s race team is faced with considerably more challenges than yesterday.  Since the dawn of the computer age, technology has been increasing at an alarming rate.  As technology increases, the race cars become more streamlined and efficient.  This forces each race team to get the best crews and the best tools to keep their competitive edge.  In addition, the total team effort requires the skills of exceptionally talented mechanics and technicians that will keep the cars maneuvering at high speeds.  The old adage follows, “Racing costs money son, how fast do you want to go?”.

Every year, the famous words, “Gentleman (and Ladies), Start Your Engines” rings through the land, which draws millions of people to the fast pace, high octane excitement, which is motorsports racing.  People of all ages, boy or girl, male or female, and all ethnic backgrounds come to smell the fuel, feel the rumble of the powerful engines, and a chance to see their favorite race team and driver in person.  Motorsports have become the fastest growing spectator sport in the world, and is now America’s #1 rated spectator sport.

Increasing company awareness, which ultimately increases sales, is the main goal for any company that wants to succeed.  One way to do this is to effectively display the company’s image to the public.  Most companies choose to increase their company’s awareness by magazine ads, billboards, or television commercials.  With the increasing awareness of motorsports, some companies are addressing the public through sponsorship in motorsports.  It can be shown that dollar for dollar, motorsports is the best bargain in sports marketing.  This research has shown that a motorsports sponsorship is the most economical means of reaching a specific market demographic.  In many ways, every industry is involved in racing.  Traditional automotive related companies, beer, and tobacco, continue to participate as well as consumer product companies such as breakfast cereal, batteries, and film.  Information technology, such as High Tech consumer product companies and Internet based companies, are realizing the advertising value of automobile racing and are becoming involved.

Wheeler Racing of Eldridge, Iowa believes motorsports sponsorship offers a significant foundation from which to build on or enhance your consumer base.  We are prepared to provide a sponsorship program tailored to any individual or company.  This can include exposure on the World Wide Web, company displays, team appearances, and company hospitality for employees and VIP clients.  We want to have a working relationship with our sponsors that will be mutually beneficial.  Our main goals are to have fun, win races, and promote our sponsors!
In order to achieve our goals, one of the key ingredients for success is having a top-notch racecar and race team.  This requires a budget capable of fulfilling the demands that championship racing requires.  This is where the sponsors come into play.  In return, the race team will provide a unique advertising medium that can supplement their existing advertising program.  The sponsor’s logo will be seen by thousands of the people that attend motorsports events.  In addition, the company’s image will be displayed to the public as the Wheeler Racing transport logs thousands of miles throughout the Midwest.  With our sponsor’s help, Wheeler Racing will become the Midwest’s premiere karting team.


Section Cost
ChassisFrame, Body, Paint, Brakes, Wheels, Refurbish During Season $5,000
Power trainEngines, Carburetors, Exhausts, Clutches, Chains, Sprockets, Rebuilds During Season $2,000
TiresBridgestone and Dunlop Racing Slicks and Wet Tires $1,000
MiscellaneousFuel, Oil, Cleaners, $800
Research & DevelopmentData Acquisition, Dynamometer, Flowbench, Engine and Chassis Development $500
AdvertisingWeb Pages, Flyers, Sponsor Decals and Pictures $500
TransportationFuel, Lodging, Meals $2,000
Total for Full Season $11,800

Sponsorship Benefits

By becoming a sponsor of Wheeler Racing, your company will have many benefits that will give your company exposure and promotion.  Many of these benefits can include:


  • Visual Identification in Motorsports
    Your company’s logo and graphics can be seen on the Wheeler Racing Karts, Team Uniforms, Brochures, Newsletters, and Team Merchandise.  In addition, your logo will be prominently placed on the Wheeler Racing trailer, which is in effect a rolling billboard that logs thousands of miles across the country every year.
  • Facebook
    Your Company’s logo can be put on Wheeler Racing’s Facebook site to be seen by millions of people around the world. In addition, our site can be used to promote your company’s product
  • Media Coverage
    Your Company can be seen through the expanding motor sports market by the use of television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Media coverage for motor sports in the Midwest region provides great exposure.  Local news and TV coverage are present at most local races. Major events, such as the Rock Island Grand Prix and many WKA events attract national media coverage.  Numerous kart races are shown on ESPN and SpeedChannel.
  • Show Car Display Program
    For an eye-catching and crowd drawing effect Wheeler Racing can display their race karts at your company’s show booths, conventions, or place of work.
  • VIP Client/Customer/Guest Entertainment
    Motorsports provides an exciting, fun and memorable backdrop upon which to conduct business relations. Your company can bring VIP clients to meet the team and drivers.
  • Employee Reward/Hospitality Programs
    Employee incentive programs can be instituted that center on the race team. Hosting employees at the racetrack is a great way to boost morale and improve productivity.
  • At Track Promotion of Products
    Wheeler Racing can promote your product at the track by setting up displays.
  • Wheeler Racing  Team Picture
    A sponsor will receive a framed 8 x 10 of the team and the Wheeler Racing race kart, which can be placed in the sponsor’s business to show their clients their contribution to the support of motorsports.