We arrived at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Sheridan, IL on Friday afternoon, got the new camper set up and prepped the kart for round 1 of the Mid-American Sprint Series on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning welcomed us with warm weather and sunshine!  Ashton had not been in the kart since the end of last season, so due to the small numbers of karts, they allowed for 5 rounds of practice.  As suspected, Ashton quickly got the cobwebs worked out and his lap times were getting a second or two faster with each round of practice.  Along with dialing the kart in, the track got faster throughout the day as it got warmer.

Ashton brought home  his first victory of the season on Saturday.  When it’s time for racing, he is a kid of few words and does not show much excitement.  Since he is always too modest to hold up the number 1 sign for his photo, he displayed the “03” with his hand (much like hand gesturing “ok”) in honor of fellow local go kart racer Travis “Turbo” DeVriendt  who recently passed away unexpectedly.  Turbo’s kart number was “03.”

Sunday’s round of racing brought us cooler weather and overcast.  Rain was in the forecast so there would only be 1 round of practice then straight into qualifying, pre-final, and final.  Competition was close between the #7 and Jason Pribyl in the #59 Wild Duck Racing kart.  Prybil gave Ashton a run for his money, but Ton was able to hold him off for the win.

Newcomer, Payton Glodowski, showed some awesome potential in his new, fire engine red, # 8 kart.  For his first season in the LO206 sportsman class, he drove very well.  With a little more seat time to hone his driving, I think he is going to be one to watch come to the front as the season goes on.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend with the family, and our friends at the M.A.S.S. series.  Can’t wait to see everybody at the next race in Dousman.