Rough day at the office today. We had our season opener at TNT Raceway down in Quincy, IL. I’ve never run at this track before, but I’m always up for the challenge.

I qualified last after having some issues with the kart. I raced my way up to to 3rd in the pre final. We went to slicks (dry weather tires)for the final after running on rain tires all day. I started 3rd, and moved up to 2nd pretty quick and chased down the leader. After just a few laps in, I spun myself out in turn 2, and fell back to dead last again. I worked my way back up to 5th, and that’s where I finished. It was not a terrible end to the day, but I know I can do better. On to Springfield tomorrow!!!!!

Thanks to Margay for putting on such a cool event and to Greg for having to keep swapping our tires. Thanks the Kemps and Carlsons for letting us pit out of their trailers today. And thanks to everyone who helped get the kart ready for this weekend.